Hello Kali Crew,
As we start closing out 2017, I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for connecting with Kali Active.  We truly appreciate the support these last two years!  As a young brand we’ve accomplished so much and have gotten to be pioneers in connecting the fight, fashion and fitness worlds.  We could not have done it without our customers, clients, friends and family.  Thank you.
In the beginning, we hit many bumps and road blocks along the way but I knew we had something special. I wanted our customers to pick up our gloves/wraps and feel proud because they picked up a product that empowered them.  As a designer, I wanted to push the envelope and make elevated gear combining my love for boxing, fitness and fashion. I wanted to create something that positively connected with people and motivated them to wake up and crush it!  The challenge was how to design fight product to be more inviting to an under represented demographic, like women and fitness lovers, so they would try something that can be perceived as intimidating.
So here we are two years later at another cross roads.  In order to keep moving upward and implement some of the feedback from our customers and partners, we decided to switch up a few things.  Some of these decisions were hard but it also meant we could look to grow into a more complete lifestyle brand.  We revised a new strategy to help tighten up our production and expand our product range.  We also launched our new site and Youtube channel so we can share more of our brand voice and create some fun content to keep you and us inspired!  
If design is our foundation then innovation and experimentation is integral for our growth. As we enter 2018, we are looking to incorporate the latest in technology to help drive Kali Active to the next level. We are excited to announce our partnership with Celliant, a leader in performance enhancing materials technology. We didn’t want to use just any premium lining for our new gloves, but lining that was FDA tested and proven to enhance the wearer’s performance and recovery!  
We will always try to innovate and design quality, functional gear that fights with you and brings value to your lives! We are hoping you stick with us as we try to implement these changes and continue to bring fire to the game!
Thank you.