Kali Active is a contemporary women's activewear line that imagines the ultimate combination of style and attitude with form, function, and quality. We are inspired by women that push the envelope; those that seek the greatest challenge and satisfaction out of life, both in and out of the gym.  KA is inspired by and created for workouts such as boxing, kickboxing, running and cycling.

Kali Active is a southern California based line with New York roots.  Anjni Raol Singh, the founder and creator has worked in different aspects of the fashion industry for 12 years.  She has worked for various brands such as Fila Sport, Zoo York, and and was featured as the next great artist for Rebecca Minkoff x Tumblr’s Spring 2014 NYFW runway show and social media campaign.   

Pairing this momentum with her love of fitness she moved to Los Angeles with the goal of creating an activewear line for real women; one that showcases the bold, fearless and independent spirit that she finds in so many women she admires. "We are not a brand created by men or strategically initiated as an after thought in the board room. Kali Active is woman owned and designed for a diverse group of women in mind. "  Tired of boring yoga brands and pink flower leggings, Anjni wanted to try something bold and different and find a way to feature ladies who were into the same types of workouts as she was.