Care and Maintenance of Boxing Gloves

Kali Active produces premium boxing gloves and accessories.  We urge customers to take great care of their gloves to maintain their construction and longevity. 

We highly recommend the following steps to maintain your gloves properly.

-Wipe and pat down the inside of your gloves after every use with a clean towel or napkin to remove excess sweat and moisture.  

-Air dry your gloves after every use.  If you put them in your gym bag after a workout make sure to remove them when you return home.  Do not launder your gloves in a washer and dryer machine.

-A mild solution spray of one part vinegar and two parts water can be sprayed and wiped on the inside of the gloves.  After, keep them air dried.

-Sprinkling baking soda in dry gloves will also keep them fresh and odor free.  Tap out excess baking soda before use.  

-Do NOT use febreeze or harsh chemical sprays.

Care and Maintenance of Boxing Handwraps

Kali Active Hand wraps are made with semi stretch material and are a high wear and tear item.  To maintain them properly we recommend the below steps.

-Hand wash cold with mild detergent and let air dry.

-Do NOT wring, iron or bleach.