We have enjoyed profiling some of the best and most motivating voices for Asian American Pacific Islander Month. As we get back into a new cadence with a lot of fitness studios reopening, we are getting back in touch with some of our favorite trainers.

Meet Pearl.

We initially met Pearl here in Los Angeles at Equinox. We can now find her in person and virtually with Equinox, ifit, Sweat Factor, and TRX! She's a multi- talented Chinese American fitpro.

How did you get involved with Boxing Fitness? 

I went to a training for a cardio kickboxing format and was hooked. The boxing movements truly felt like an art form to me; with its symmetry and rhythmic pattern. I was determined to practice and get better.

We're coming out of a challenging 2020, what are some things that have helped your mental health and keep clarity?

Identifying your "pod" of people that are truly here for you. This pandemic allowed me the time to self-reflect and identify people and behaviors that were positive and negative. I went through a cleansing of sorts to help me purge some of the toxicity I was holding on to in my life. 

Why is it important for gyms and studios to highlight more Asian American voices within the industry?

I have been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and Asian American trainers are few and far in between yet you see a decent percentage in gyms and studios. Given the recent surge in Asian hate crimes, now more than ever we need to strengthen our voice and solidarity in making sure we are represented in all aspects of the community, not just fitness. 

Quickfire Q's with Pearl.

Best Warmup Song:

House Work -Jax Jones 

Favorite Workout Apparel:

Rose and Electric, Michi and PE nation