Welcome to our Spotlight features! We are kicking off the spotlight features during Asian American Pacific Islander Month. 

We had a great time catching up with actress, trainer, and activist Nikita Chaudhry. Nikita is currently living and fighting the good fight out of Los Angeles, CA. 

Meet Nikita.

How did you get involved in the Boxing Fitness Industry? 

I grew up a dancer so I naturally gravitate towards rhythmic movement and immediately fell in love with the ways in which boxing/fitness can be empowering and fun. As a small brown woman, I'm often underestimated, so finessing my technique has been an exciting way of proving folks wrong and surprising myself with strength and agility. We all have an inner fighter, and it has been inspiring  to connect to that fire for my own mental health, as well as encourage others to find theirs as well. Boxing helps fuel my fight in life.

We're coming out of a tough last year, what are some things that have helped your mental health and keep clarity?

Working out, long walks, journaling/writing, solo dance parties, and time in nature have been the most healing, clarifying, and have kept me the most connected with my breath. Also, the beach is my happy place, so being diligent in making time for myself to get there regularly has been instrumental.

Your activism work is incredible. It seem like you have done a great job in merging this work with your fitness platform. Any tips for others who would like to do the same?

You can make a difference in whatever industry or field you're in. For example, everyone has a body, and we're all unique in what ours respectively can do AND knowing that, what if we could make the movement/fitness space a place for solidarity, rather than a further enforcement of isolation and hierarchies? In addition to attempting to change the messaging and accessibility of the commercial fitness industry, I also think it's important to reallocate funds, spread awareness, and educate folks while sweating and breathing together (hopefully while having a good time).

Remembering it's not a performative one-time or occasional action, but an ongoing daily practice in your personal, professional and political life.


-Best Warmup Song: Currently, "get Busy" remix 

-Favorite Combo: 1,2,3,4,5,6 step into a crescent kick (get 'em all in there!)

-Favorite Coffee/Tea spot in LA? Coffee Fix and Maru Coffee! (also asian founded) Birthdate candles, Broome Street General.