Our New Neon Collection is here!

Caution- Power On:

It's easy to be the brand to honor the athletes at the top and celebrate at the finish line but what about the underdogs putting in the hard work everyday for their own wins!? 

Inspired by progress and building something one brick at a time, I wanted to introduce something special just in time for the Holidays. After another sprained ankle earlier this year, I was passing a construction site and saw the sign "work ahead". Yes, queue symbolism and that stupid 90's song...That bright orange sign screamed at me because I knew my progress getting back to the gym was going to be steady, slow and frustrating. I was going to be annoyed but that construction site reminded me we are all a work in progress and sticking through the challenges is what makes us stronger.

I wanted to pull from colors that inspired our punchers and made them proud to rock something powerful and bright. It took us a while to get the colors dialed in and use our smooth matte black finish material to contrast the neon just right. 

I also wanted to introduce another signature animal print since we got so many messages asking for more options. All our design is in-house and custom to Kali Active, plus who doesn't love something fun peeking through their gym bag. The snake with the neon lime was a great addition to our "Power On: Construction" theme and made for another suitable Kali Active staple. 

Boxing is such a great activity you should be proud of and having something that was thoughtfully crafted for you is not only going to make us proud but make you feel inspired! 

So let's celebrate the work we put in every day, every year for this past decade and keep moving forward in 2020! They say hustle and progress lead to greatness and we'll be right there with you as we get closer to that finish line...Keep Punching people! 

-Anji (Founder and a work in progress)