We get a lot of first-timers here at Kali Active. Customers who are taking the plunge by going to their 1st boxing workout on their own or with a friend. We love seeing people incorporating boxing into their fitness routine.

So before you wrap up those hands, slip on those cool Kali Active gloves, and get to hitting that heavy bag we've got some tips for you to make it an awesome workout experience! Remember this will be a learning curve so don't get frustrated, all the greats started at the same spot! 

Here's a list of tips to get you started;

1. Sign up ahead of time and arrive early.

A good boxing gym will provide you with a brief introduction to the techniques before class starts. Since boxing is a specific skill, it requires a bit more knowledge than just putting one foot in front of the other and going through the motions. If you don’t have any prior experience hitting an actual target, you’ll want the pointers and tips from a pro so that when you jump into your first class, you’ll already have an understanding of what to do. Signing up ahead of time will let the instructor know that you’re coming so they can be prepared to help you out! Use that time when you are getting your hands wrapped to ask questions and absorb some tips from the pros. 

2. Bring your own gloves

(unless you want to borrow loaners… which, trust me, you don’t.)
If boxing is something you really want to do, invest in your own pair of boxing gloves. Gyms will have “loaner gloves,” but after the first time you use them, you’ll see why we recommend bringing your own. In some cases, you’ll have to pay extra to rent gloves. Not only will your own gloves feel better on your hand, but they’ll smell a lot better than the loaners. At my gym, we thoroughly clean each loaner glove, but that doesn’t change the fact that many people have stuck their sweaty hands inside of them over the course of several months - or even years. A good glove will last you a while, and once you catch the boxing bug, you’ll definitely be grateful you have your own. 

3. Get ready to sweat… a lot!
Boxing is not an easy workout. You’ll be moving in new ways, and moving a LOT. You’ll likely not only do boxing but incorporate some diverse conditioning drills. The amount of calories you’ll burn is mind-blowing, and you’ll feel an incredible mixture of exhaustion and excitement by the time you’re done. I always say that after a boxing class, the post-workout feeling is like nothing else. You feel ready to take on the world! But that doesn’t mean that during class, it’s a walk in the park. You’ll be working hard, so get ready for a challenge!

4. Come with an open mind and a willingness to learn.
Boxing is a fun workout for sure but know it’s also a lot of work in progress. Don’t expect to look like some of the amazing boxers on instagram right off the bat, because that comes from hours of practice. Have realistic expectations for yourself - and of course, be willing to push yourself! Don’t feel discouraged if learning the punches doesn’t come as easily as it looks. When people attend my classes, I tell every beginner that it takes about two weeks to feel less like an uncoordinated blob, and then a lifetime to master the techniques after that. 

5. Expect to get addicted.
Not only will your first boxing class make you work hard and leave you feeling stronger than ever, but it’ll also give you a sense of empowerment. You'll leave with a feeling of confidence and strength that you won’t be able to stay away from for too long. It’s a never-ending journey where you can learn, grow, and feel better than ever. Not to mention the stress-relief. What better way to work off a bad day than to hit something as hard as you can, in the only place where it’s totally acceptable (and encouraged)? I knew from my first class that this was something I’d do forever, and that remains true now, five years later. I hope the same for you!

Written By Melissa DiPietro