One of the best things about our community is discovering all the amazing people we come across on our journey. The month of May spotlights two very important causes; Asian American Awareness Month and Mental Health Awareness.

As an Asian American founded brand, we have leaned into spotlighting both all year round pretty naturally. Our brand was created because we found boxing and kickboxing workouts were a great form of stress and anxiety relief. 

Currently, we are facing a rise in hate crimes against the Asian American community and we wanted to take a moment to spotlight the work our AAPI community puts in to empower not just themselves but the people around them.

We got to catch up with Noah Lee in NYC just as gyms and studios started to reopen. He works with Rumble Boxing and we have always enjoyed following him on social media as he seems to bring a very honest and positive outlook to the fitness industry. 

MEET Noah Lee Breymeier.

How did you become involved in the Boxing Fitness Industry?

I was a working actor my entire life, pretty much from the day I could talk. I started studying acting at NYU, then graduated, and discovered that I suddenly didn't want to be an actor anymore. I lived across the street from Rumble's Chelsea location and started taking classes with my friend Lielen De Guzman. (Hello fellow Asian-American trainer). After 15 classes, I applied to work the front desk. I had boxed in college and had been into combat sports since childhood. After a year at the front desk, my colleagues, encouraged me to audition as a trainer.  After months of working two desk jobs and using my time before and after shifts (often 3am!) to practice, I got the job! 

(AAPI month also coincides with Mental Health awareness month)We're coming out of a tough last year, what are somethings that have helped your mental health during this time? 

I actually have been diagnosed with BPD (Borderline personality Disorder) and chronic depression since 2017. I had three attempts on my own life before finally finding help and recovery. This recovery actually led me to Rumble when I was living across the street. 

In the past year, the things that helped me most were finding the sanctity in my own space (a cramped Brooklyn apartment), becoming closer and more emotionally articulate with my lifelong best friend/roommate, and simply allowing the lows of the terrible year to exist. 

I like to take things at their value and not trying to make them anything they aren't. Toxic positivity has been the bane of my existence as I was struggling with my mental illnesses and I've done a lot of work and teaching against that ideology for the people who take my class or train with me. 


-Best Warmup Song: Sweet Dreams (ummet Ozcan's Remix). I can't go more than a week without playing it in my class.

-Favorite Combo: 1-3-2 (jab, lead front hook, cross) As a natural southpaw, it's my favorite to way to line up the straight left.

-Favorite Coffee/Tea spot in NYC: East One on 23rd St. Best Baristas in the game. 

Pass the Mic: Plus some Asian founded Businesses we should check out:

My two favorite small clothing brands: The Anti Brand and NIHIL.ny