When we first started this brand we were met with a lot of skepticism and even resistance (gasp! I know). It's tough starting anything new and sometimes tougher to get people on board with your mission.

One of the earlier teams who believed in our vision was the team of Everybody Fights. Like us, they believed in bringing elevated gear and quality experiences to the greater fight/fitness community. We met in person at a tradeshow years ago, as they had just launched their first locations. It was so refreshing to meet a team that not only understood our goals but was also very supportive. 

We kept in touch as they grew into a successful multi-location studio across the country. Not only are they known for their boxing program but they had built diverse programming around the fight workout for everyone. Their gyms had state of the art equipment with an optimized floor plan that brought visitors from the ring to the sleek matte boxing bags. The pops of orange and white in their branding grounded each location into one consistent boutique-style look. We love some cool branding around here! 

Before the lockdown, we had started working together to build more dynamic products for their growing brand. Adding a bit of a Kali Active flair to an already popular brand of gyms seemed like a no brainer! 

As the pandemic started to hit, we checked in on each other to see how we could continue to help each other navigate our new normals. I was amazed by how seamlessly they moved their programming to a digital platform! Their team quickly came together to build a high-quality set of workouts on their new channel, EBF LIVE.

And now, they extended their new at-home workouts to our Kali Active community! You can now join their experienced group of trainers in the comfort of your home with live workouts or with pre-recorded ones of your choice. You can follow along with anything from yoga, guided meditation, strength training and yes even boxing! There's also some great content offering recipes, some merch (ahem don't miss out on our Kali Gear on their site), and some fun challenges you can join in on! 

Use the voucher code: KaliFights for a free 90-day trial.