To some of you, we are just another fight brand or fitness brand. We consider ourselves to be so much more. We are a network of diverse individuals, a family for a team, a symbol for a diverse viewpoint. 

To see what has transpired in the past week, it breaks my heart to see the injustice and killing of Black Americans. We are committed to driving change not just within the national justice system but in the greater economic ecosystem. 

We stand with BLM and the greater Black community in fighting for change and equality. 

We are donating to the ACLU, George Floyd Memorial Fund, and Black Lives Matter Fund.

We will be doing ongoing donations as our production and new inventory gets back underway due to Covid delays. We are also working on a strategy to donate a percentage of sales to more funds as we get more items in through the next few weeks. We are small but we are mighty! 

Please see links on how you can join us in the fight.