First off, I hope you all are staying safe and your loved ones are safe as well.

Week 2 of lockdown here in LA is still ongoing and I've been putting this post off long here goes...

As I type this, a customer just tagged us and shared a message of support. This gives me comfort in knowing that Kali Active has the BEST customers a first-time founder can ever ask for. 

As a small independent brand that has worked to combine the worlds of fight and fitness, we can't help but think about our industry. We are so thankful to all the wonderful people who have invited us into their facilities, workouts, training and boxing rings. The fitness industry along with others is going through a rough time right now but I know we will get through this together. We gotta support each other, stay healthy, and be kind. Keep showing up to those IG lives, Zoom and youtube workouts. Drop a hello to your trainers and coaches. 

Unlike some people who think the fitness industry will and should all be online from now on, I don't necessarily agree. Seeing each other in IRL, rooting for each other, watching ourselves and others improve in a shared experience is what inspires us and motivates us to keep fighting. It's what builds determination to forge forward for the greater good. I believe in you. I believe in us! 

I am grateful to you all for supporting the brand all these years and sharing in the empowering experience we built. If any moment needed us to keep fighting and go another round, that time is now.

So with that, we are still shipping twice a week with new items coming in stock. We took a moment to restrategize and check on our loved ones but we are back.

I've bootstrapped this business since day 1 and worked tirelessly to build relationships to keep this little engine that could going. I know it's a lot to ask but if you can and want to purchase, we extended our Spring SALE. 20% off with code SpringTraining20 at checkout and we've also added a gift card option to the site:

Please forgive me for pitching the offer but we hope to make it to the other side and keep delivering quality goods and experiences for our community.

Helping Our Community:

-If you are or know any fitness instructors or trainers who need grants and resources, please check out this link below from a company called Movemeant.

-ClassPass has also started a petition which you can sign to help the greater community make it through this tough time.

-As a founder who has had years of design and product development experience, I joined a group that is helping small businesses with their creative assets for their online/social outreach. If you are a trainer or coach and need some help with newsletters and social graphics please feel free to reach out.

Lastly, if you want to drop a hello and let me know where you miss working out: email me at I'm coming out of this fog and would love to connect with our customers.