We jumped into 2021 with this simple and quick workout. We're sharing some quick tips and motivation on Jumping rope. 

I personally don't know anyone who stuck to their usual workout routine last year (which is way ok) but I know a lot of people trying to get back into the healthy swing of things. Major hats off to anyone who kicked off the year with big workout energy! After a late 2020 injury, I decided to start small with jump roping. While it seems more like a quick "warmup" activity, jumping rope like boxing is a full body workout. It's a great way to build a solid exercise routine off of. 

It's great option for at home workouts where you are short in time, budget and space. Jumping rope even for a short amount of time can help with the following:

  • weight loss
  • improvement in cardio endurance and speed (great for boxing training)
  • improvement in form (form over reps every time)
  • arm strength (helps those arms get used to punching mitts and bags)

Our ambassador trainer, Syd Swing, loves to think of jumping rope as a mental challenge to add into workouts. She explains why it is a good foundation to build from. 

"It reminds us practice and consistency make us better and stronger. I've seen clients struggle with a steady skip and progress to more advanced movements like double unders fairly quickly. It allows you to try something new, fail, and then keep trying. Plus, it's a fun way to incorporate cardio that doesn't involve a treadmill." 


Here are three great tips that can help improve your technique.

  1. Keep your core tight. This will help to improve your form and also help to build a habit to keep your core engaged while doing various other workouts. 
  2. Hold each end of the rope out on either side of your body and rotate at the wrists (not elbows). This seems like a no brainer but you can easily find your arms wander to the front leading you to trip up. Make sure those wrists are not stiff when rotating the rope handles.
  3. Breath! There's a certain rhythm you want to get when going for a nice flow in your jumps. Check in with your breathing from time to time to maintain that oxygen flowing into your body.

Lastly, try to this great 10 minute routine if you need a good starting point. 

Start with 10 minutes broken into 3 minute intervals with about 30 second rests in between. The last 3 minute cycle you should try skipping a bit faster even adding a fast sprint for the last minute or 30 seconds. See our chart below.

Once you get the hang of it, work up to 15 minutes and add in a walk to the routine as a form of cool down. Make sure to stretch in the end!