We stand with the Asian American Community.

As a founder who identifies as part of the greater Asian American community, the recent attacks have hit hard. I literally had to de-plug from everything for a few days to process and try to understand how we got here. The rise in recent attacks have been caused by racist and biased views against asian americans due to the pandemic. This has got to stop. 

While my mission with Kali Active is to empower people of all backgrounds; no community should live in fear and everyone should feel safe as the country starts "opening back up". Whether you identify as part of the AAPI community or not we need to keep educating ourselves and stay vigilant.

This is a great link in bystander training if you see something.


Feeling strong and staying active through fight has a lot to do with mental health not just being able to throw a punch. Learning to protect yourself is great but it shouldn't be this mandatory thing we need to add to the long list of things we have to do just to navigate the world. We gotta do better and look after each other. 

Please see this list of Asian American Organizations or groups you can support or go to for further insight in the fight against hate. 

AAPI Women Lead




We will be doing further research on ways we can help and donate. We'll add to this list and keep you updated on any special initiatives we take part in. Thank you for your continued support and hope you all stay safe.