So we are all in the same boat as a nation; staying in and social distancing. It's a heavy time right now but we gotta stay positive, healthy and active. With everyone and everything going online, there are so many options to stay on top of your workouts. It's a bit overwhelming!

So we decided to cut through some of the noise and round up some of our favorite punch workouts from Popsugar. All these can be found on Popsugar Fitness on Youtube but hit the link to go straight there. We posted these according to time and style of workout.

  • 40 Minute Boxing and Kickboxing: One of our #KaliCrew, Christa DiPaolo, has been helping people stay badass with her signature workouts incorporating boxing and kickboxing. One of our favorite aspects of this workout is the flow of the different combinations of punching and kicking. Super fun and a great at-home workout!  You can find different variations of her program on Popsugar's channel but this is her latest workout...Check it Out! 

  • 30-Minute Boxing and Core: Another great boxing-inspired workout you can find on Popsugar is brought to you by another LA friend of ours, Deja Riley.  Deja has hosted and led countless classes that incorporate her boxing and dance backgrounds. This workout is a great and quick boxing workout that will lead you through some punch combos and some ab work.

  • 30-Minute Kickboxing: Welcome to the Fempire. This 30-minute kickboxing workout, called Kick It By Eliza, is going to torch some major calories.  If you've been sitting all day, this is the perfect workout to get the blood flowing in your legs and to your whole body.

  • 30-Minute Boxing and Conditioning: Hosted by the founder of Prevail Boxing in LA, Milan Costich; this is a great workout if you are still new to boxing. This will help you build a great foundation for your form and technique so you can be ready for when you are back in the boxing gym! 
    • 10-Minute Boxing with Weights:  This one is a bit older but it's a great short workout you can repeat if you want. This one will keep your core engaged and get those arms working with weights. It is hosted by Olivia Amato whom we met at ShadowBox and she'll guide you through a great short sequence of punches you can also incorporate into your shadowboxing.