Warming up isn’t always the most fun and exciting part of a workout but it is definitely an important one. Properly warming up will be the key to preventing injury and making your boxing sessions much smoother from the start.

In boxing, you use everything. Every part of the body is used to generate force behind your punches. Your body will be firing on all cylinders, and those cylinders need to be warmed up before we expect maximum output.

The muscles we use when boxing are:

  • Shoulders
  • Core
  • Hips
  • Neck
  • Ankles
  • Calves

Clearly, we are werkin’ everything! A total body burn. It’s good stuff.

Warming up is essential, as these muscles are going to be used in a big way - firing quickly and explosively. To get yourself nice and toasty, here are our favorite ways to warm up!

Jumping Jacks
This tried and true calisthenic movement has been around since the beginning of exercise because it’s such a simple and effective way to warm up the whole body and to get the heart rate up.

What better way to prime your body for boxing than by practicing the same movements you’ll be using in your workout? Lightly throw your punches as you move your feet. Be careful not to over-extend your arms or overthrow your punches out. Practice ongoing through your movements smoothly while engaging your core.

Jump Rope
This is the most old school boxing conditioning exercise and it’s extremely effective in not only warming up your body, but it’ll tap into your coordination and footwork as well. Jumping rope before your boxing workout will get your heart rate up, activate your calves, and strengthen your ankles. It’ll also get those shoulders warmed up for the punches ahead.

Push Ups
Before you give me the general huff of scorn that comes whenever pushups are mentioned, we have to appreciate how beneficial they are. They’ll get your chest, shoulders and arms activated and well-oiled for the work ahead.

Active Stretching
Those muscles that I mentioned earlier - the neck, shoulders, core, etc - these all need to be stretched appropriately. Gently working through some active stretching with movements like rolling your neck side to side, using a well for pec stretch, and enjoying a few rotations of cat-cow will do you a world of good.